Cooperative Projects on TAO Cruises

The National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) welcomes the opportunity to develop cooperative research projects that make use of the ships supporting the TAO moored buoy array. These cooperative (or ancillary) research projects must be on a "not-to-interfere basis" with regard to the primary objective of TAO cruises, which is maintenance of the moored buoy array. The NOAA ship KA'IMIMOANA and other NOAA ships service TAO buoys in the eastern and central Pacific from 95°W to 165°E between 8°N and 8°S as NOAA's contribution to the TAO/TRITON array. The regular schedule of servicing required for the buoys offers a unique opportunity for scientifically meritorious projects to collect data in remote regions of the Pacific over extended periods of time.

Investigators planning to participate in TAO servicing cruises through grants or contracts from NOAA, NSF, NASA, or other similar funding sources should notify NDBC well in advance of proposal submission. NDBC will determine the feasibility of the proposed work based on current technical and logistic constraints, and its compatibility with TAO programmatic objectives. Investigators must also submit a written description of their work to NDBC 90 days prior to participating on a particular cruise. The description should include scientific objectives, details of operations, participating personnel, support required from the TAO project or vessel, and a complete inventory of equipment (with weights and dimensions), including hazardous materials. All projects will be required to comply with NOAA shipboard policies including medical clearance for embarked personnel and compliance with hazardous material policies.

For more information, contact NDBC