Collaborative Research

TAO Project welcomes the opportunity to develop collaborative and/or cooperative research projects that build upon the moored measurement infrastructure established by PMEL over the past two decades in support of climate studies. Investigators wishing to pursue field work that contributes to, enhances, or otherwise builds upon the existing array must contact the NDBC TAO Office prior to formal submission of proposals to national or international funding agencies. Plans for collaborative and/or cooperative field work will be reviewed by TAO and (depending on the scope of the proposed work) by the Tropical Moored Buoy Implementation Panel to determine its feasibility based on current technical and logistic constraints. For information specific to conducting research aboard TAO servicing cruises, see Cooperative Projects on TAO cruises.

Examples of projects involving the TAO array include the PIRATA array in the tropical Atlantic and the Japanese TRITON program of moored buoys in the western Pacific.