TAO / TRITON gridding methods

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A variety of gridding methods are used to create the 2-D fields that are displayed in the TAO / TRITON Data Display page. Below you will find a detailed explanation of the gridding methods used for each.

Some of the gridding methods utilize climatological averages in the gridding process. For plots and background info on these climatologies, see the TAO / TRITON Climatologies page. These gridded fields have been created as "quick look" fields for visual display. Users of these fields are cautioned that they may not be optimally contstructed for detailed scientific analyses. We encourage users of the TAO / TRITON data to do their own gridding for any serious scientific computations. Ungridded data are available by anonymous FTP (Host: tao.ndbc.noaa.gov, Directory: taodata) and on the TAO / TRITON Data Display page.

Buoy gridding
Current meter gridding
Latitude - Longitude gridding
Zonal - time gridding
Meridional - time gridding
Zonal - depth gridding
Meridional - depth gridding