TAO / TRITON Climatologies

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For the 4-D Kessler Objective Analysis of XBT and CTD Temperatures (1994), there are Lon-Depth and Lat-Depth sections. For detailed information about the climatologies and their sources, see the climatology background page.

Extensive use of these climatologies is made when gridding the TAO / TRITON data. For details on TAO / TRITON gridding, see the gridding methods page. For example plots of Anomalies from these climatologies, and plots of gridded TAO / TRITON data which utilize these climatologies in the gridding process, see the TAO / TRITON Data Display Page.

The various climatologies used by the TAO project to compute anomalies can be found at this page: http://tao.ndbc.noaa.gov/tao/clim/clim.html

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