Real-time TAO Refresh Data Access

As part of a comprehensive test plan to ensure continuity of the climate records, NDBC conducted laboratory tests and several prototype TAO Refresh systems deployed in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific TAO array. Currently several TAO Refreshed buoys are deployed in the Pacific for in-situ testing with TAO Legacy. Initial evaluations indicate good agreement between TAO Legacy and TAO Refresh. These refresh buoys are deployed adjacent to legacy buoys, which are considered a co-located buoy. The refresh buoy data and historical data in the latest NetCDF formats are now avaiable in the TAO Data Download page. The following table provide URLs to the corresponding site pages with recent data plots and related datasets.

TAO Buoy Data

WMO ID Site Info and Plot
52002 2S 165E
52004 5S 165E
52007 8S 165E
51006 9N 140W
51007 5N 140W
51008 2N 140W
51311 0N 140W
51009 2S 140W
51014 5S 140W
51301 8N 155W
51302 8S 155W
52003 5N 165E
52312 2S 180W
52311 0N 180W
52316 8S 180W
52313 5S 180W
52310 2N 180W
52315 8N 180W
52309 5N 180W
32305 8S 95W
32304 5S 95W
32322 2S 95W
51307 8N 125W
51015 5N 125W
51016 2N 125W
51011 0N 125W
51017 2S 125W
51018 5S 125W
51308 8S 125W
51309 8N 170W
51303 5N 170W
51305 2N 170W
51010 0N 170W
51306 2S 170W
51304 5S 170W
51310 8S 170W
51019 5S 155W
51023 0N 155W
51020 5N 155W
43001 8N 110W
32315 5N 110W
32316 2N 110W
32323 0N 110W
32317 2S 110W
32318 5S 110W
32319 8S 110W
32321 0N 95W
32320 2N 95W
32303 5N 95W
44301 8N 95W
52006 8N 165E
52001 2N 165E
52321 0N 165E
51021 2N 155W
51022 2S 155W

List last updated: 2016-07-26