Shipboard ADCP Data Acquisition, Archiving, and Analysis for Climate and Global Change

Eric Firing, University of Hawaii

In collaboration with NODC, NDBC, and the NMFS Honolulu Laboratory, the University of Hawaii has been engaged in a long-term project to maximize the availability and usefulness of ocean current profiles measured with the acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCP) mounted on most research ships. Software for data aquisition and processing is written, maintained, and distributed on the Internet; data sets are acquired from cruises for which the ADCP was not a primary component; and both these "opportunity" data sets and primary ADCP data sets such as those from TOGA-COARE and the WOCE Hydrographic Program are archived and distributed.

Research ships such as the NOAA Ship DISCOVERER (now decommissioned) and the NOAA Ship KA'IMIMOANA contribute significantly to the data gathered. Data from the DISCOVERER ranged from the northeast Pacific to the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. The KA'IMIMOANA, specializing in TAO mooring cruises formerly done by the Discoverer, provides data from the central and eastern Equatorial Pacific.

Shipboard ADCP data, 1996 - present
ADCP Deployed
An Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) is deployed