Primary Scientific Mission

Plot of TAO sea-surface temperature and wind data contoured and averaged over a five day period. This image is updated dailyThe primary mission of the NOAA Ship KA'IMIMOANA is the maintenance of the TAO array of moored buoys which span the equatorial Pacific . TAO moorings are designed to transmit in real-time critical meteorlogical and oceanographic observations from the equatorial Pacific. These observations are used by scientists and operational weather forecast offices around the world to study the role of the tropical Pacific in short-term climate variations, such as the El Nino/Southern Oscillation events, whose effects are felt world-wide.
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Cooperative/Collaborative Projects
Standard oceanographic observations are also routinely collected during the TAO cruises onboard the KA'IMIMOANA, including CTD and ADCP observations.The TAO program is an international program which is operated by NDBC project operations.